Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pictures!

This post was a week in the making, but better late than never! :) I will warn you, there are a ton of pictures. Our out-of-state relatives will enjoy all these pictures...the rest of you, well, sorry! ;) We went to the pumpkin patch a week ago yesterday with the Mease's. We all had such a wonderful time! I was so excited about how the picture of all four of us turned out. Thanks, Cindy, for taking it for us!
My little pumpkin, Mackenzie, holding a little pumpkin.
My little pumpkin, Josiah, holding (moving, it's blurry) a little pumpkin.
My two babies together when we just arrived at the pumpkin patch and were waiting in line to enter.
Mackenzie on a pumpkin.
Josiah on a pumpkin.
Two little monkeys hanging from the tree!
Josiah peering through the haystacks.
Mackenzie peering through the haystacks.
Mackenzie with a tiny pumpkin cradled in her hands.
Josiah with a tiny pumpkin cradled in his hands.
A gigantic balloon jumpy thing. Held in place by tons of dirt covering the edges. SO much fun! Look at the above picture of Mackenzie jumping toward David, then look at the picture below.
She's flying!
Josiah, Lauren, Allison, Mackenzie, and David on the balloon trampoline.
Josiah, Mackenzie, and Allison.
Mackenzie, Josiah, Allison, David.
Mackenzie and David.
Josiah, Mackenzie, Lauren, and Allison.
Cindy and Josiah. Josiah had just come out of the slide and was running to do it again.
Josiah coming out of the slide again.
Mackenzie driving the pedal tractor/car thing.
Bill and Lauren, Mackenzie, and unknown boy driving the pedal tractors.
Josiah driving the pedal tractor.
David and Josiah with the corn maze in the background.
Mackenzie coming down the slide.
All four of us in front of a kiddie hay bale maze.
I love this one of the four of us! Thanks, Cindy. We were on the hayride on our way to the pumpkin field.
Here we are in the field of pumpkins. I could not decide which picture I liked best for the blog header, so I played around with a couple of them.
Mackenzie picking out a pumpkin since we had a coupon for two free pumpkins.
Josiah deciding which one to choose.
David carrying the two chosen pumpkins!
Josiah and Allison in the field with the hayride wagon in the background.
Back on the hayride towards the main area.
Josiah, Mackenzie, and David going through the corn maze. David led the way and we made it through all 1.8 miles of maze! (The longer side was over 2 miles and we decided we'd best do the shorter side with the kids.)
Back home with the pumpkins.
I love this one of Mackenzie.
Josiah wanted his face painted while at the pumpkin patch. He chose camo. Pretty funny, but cute pic with his pumpkin, too.