Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Will I Marry

As I tucked Mackenzie into bed tonight, she asked me, "Mom, will I sleep in my twin bed when I grow up or will I have to get a bigger one?"

Me: "Well, I don't know. You can sleep in your twin bed when you grow up, but if you get married I think you'll need a bigger bed."

Mackenzie: "Oh. Will I marry Josiah when I grow up?"

Me: "No, you won't marry Josiah when you grow up because he's your brother. You can't marry someone you're related to, and besides, he already has a special role; he's your brother."

Mackenzie: "Oh. Then who will I marry?"

Me: "I don't know. Only God knows who you'll marry, if you choose to marry. But I do know that it will be to a someone you like a lot, someone you like so much that you love."

Mackenzie: "Oh! I'm going to marry Laura!"

Me: Laughing, "No, you won't marry Laura! She is someone that you love, but she's a girl. Girls only marry boys, and boys only marry girls."

Mackenzie: Smiling, "Why?"

Me: "Because God is very clear about that. That is the way he made it."


Mackenzie: "I know. I can marry my daddy!"

Me: "That's really sweet, but I'm already married to your daddy!"

Mackenzie: "So who will I marry?"

Me: "Only God knows the answer to that question."

Sigh. Precious thoughts and ideas. We had a long conversation that was a lot of fun! I had to post it. I don't want to forget these moments.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Week

"Back-Pack, Back-Pack," for you Dora the Explorer fans out there, that tune will ring a bell! David and the kids found these at the mall. Being the huge Dora and Diego fans that they are, David and the kids couldn't resist!
Mackenzie and Josiah proudly wore their new backpacks around the mall the rest of the evening!
Laundry, anyone?
Silly, Girl!
Messy, Boy!
(Now you see why we only use finger paints just before bath time at our house! Perhaps it should be called "body paint" instead of finger paint. Ha.)

The kids and I spent the morning at the zoo while David was at work. Sure made the day go by fast and it was fun, too!
A fun week, and a fun weekend ahead! (Umm, I don't really know what we're doing this weekend, but I'm sure it will be a good one since it is a three day weekend for David!)
Have a blessed Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

August 24, 2004

After a 16 1/2 hr labor, including 1 hour of pushing, and a couple different types of vacuums...Mackenzie Kristen Watson arrived into our lives. In spite of her difficult journey out, which included meconium staining and shoulder dystocia, she is just fine. The extensive suctioning and some oxygen certainly helped my purple baby turn pink! I cannot whisper up enough prayers of thanksgiving that she was okay after her traumatic arrival into the world. And I will never forget just how long it seemed to take before we heard any sound at all coming from that child. Silence in the delivery room after the birth of your child is not something you want to hear. Finally, finally, she cried a weak cry...which grew stronger...and we cried, too!
Check out that "cone head," thanks to my pelvic outlet size!
Proud parents holding Mackenzie!
Mackenzie weighed in at 7 lbs 0 oz. She was 20.25 in long, and arrived at 2:29pm on August 24, 2004.
I did not get a chance to add her birth story/birth pictures here they are today!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Mackenzie!!!

My precious baby girl turns FOUR today! Wow. Sometimes I wonder why the time has to go by so quickly. Sigh. Below are several (don't say I didn't warn you!) pictures of our weekend celebration. One of the most memorable things about this year's party (in contrast to those three years before) was Mackenzie's decision NOT to invite any other children. She informed me a few weeks back that she did not want any other children at her Birthday party, except for Josiah. When I inquired as to why, she responded very matter of factly, "Because I do not want any other children to help me blow out my candles or open my presents. I want to do it myself, and Josiah can help me open my presents." Laugh out loud funny. What logic! Okay, no problem as we have already had a celebration with friends in July while in Searcy. So...we had a family party this year. On Wednesday Mackenzie exclaimed, "The UPS truck is in our driveway!" The next thing I knew, she was out the front door carrying a box as big as herself inside. Out came the scissors, and both kids dove into a Birthday in a Box package from Papa and Lili (my dad and stepmom). Among other things, the box contained a "real" puppy. Mackenzie has hardly let that dog (stuffed) out of her sight for a moment! It even came with a carrier, comb, bowl, treats, leash, collar, and coat. The picture above is of Mackenzie holding her dog, Esa, and wearing new Dora pajamas.
This is Josiah loving on Esa!
Mackenzie proudly toting Esa in her carrier!
On Saturday Nona and Mzee (my mom and stepdad), Granna and Z-pa (David's parents), and Uncle Zac (David's brother) joined us for a day early celebration. Mackenzie chose Chuck-E-Cheese as her Birthday activity. I'm not sure...but it looks like the grandmothers are enjoying themselves a little more than the Birthday Girl who appears to be bored! HA. Seriously, this picture cracked me up, but we all had a blast!!
Mackenzie's Bruster's ice cream cake...just like she was hoping for!
Mackenzie standing proudly beside her cake, patiently waiting for the lighting of the candles.
My mom snapped this picture...what perfect timing! You can actually see the candles being blown out.
Mackenzie and Josiah hugging right after she blew her candles out. Aren't they too sweet? They really do love each other.

Now for the presents...remember that Mackenzie got her ears pierced? And that she wanted them pierced BEFORE her Birthday? Yeah. I think she was on to something there...check out all 3 pairs of her new earrings! This first pair is a pair of real pearls from Granna and Z-pa.
This pair is a set she spotted, Blue Opals, and her Daddy and I surprised her with them.
Holding her Blue Opals up for all to see.
Giddy as can be as she opens the 3rd pair of earrings...this set from Nona and Mzee. She had told Mzee she wanted "purple 14 karat gold earrings" for her Birthday from them. Too funny!
And, yes, she got those purple 14 karat gold earrings!

To My Precious Baby Girl, Mackenzie: I love you and wish you the Happiest Birthday Ever. May God always guide you. May you grow to know, love, serve, and honor Him each day of your life. We are so very proud of you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Zoo!

This post is a week late, but better late than never, right?! So. A week ago today Josiah and I took Mackenzie to "school." She was delighted to be there, and Josiah was a little lost without her. On our way out of the school and back to our van, I asked Josiah what he wanted to do with the day. He did not miss a beat in saying, "I want to go to the zoo." Okay...I had never been to the zoo at 9:30am, but okay! Let's go! Here is Josiah, enthusiastically marching to see the elephants.
Josiah with the giraffes.

Josiah intrigued by the river otters splashing, playing, and swimming.
A huge tortoise eating a watermelon. Did you know that they only eat twice a week because their metabolism is so slow? And it only takes them about 15 minutes to eat something the size of that watermelon, rind and all. Wouldn't ya know we walked up just in time to watch it eat! :)
The whole day was like that: perfect timing to enjoy each animal to the fullest. The black bear was prowling around, the penguins were swimming, the birds were flying, the prairie dogs were digging, the water buck was in the water hole, the elephant and giraffes were in plain view, the lions were making a deep guttural sound that kinda sent chills down your spine and made you grateful they were in cages, the ostrich was pacing near the fence, the rhino poked its head out to say hello, the chimps were anxious to show off their 1 month old baby, the red pandas also had a baby in the cage, and on and on it goes. I have never seen the animals so active at the zoo. I don't know if it was because of the time of day we were there or the fact that the weather was cooler, but I am certainly grateful for a wonderfully fun day at the zoo with my precious little man.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4 Year Old Class!

Mackenzie's first day of school in the four year old class is today. I was a bit hurried this morning as I scooted us out the door so as not to be late. We made it just in time! Most of the other kids were already there, and Mackenzie walked right in, found her name, and sat down. She is excited about the day, but I think she's just a little bit anxious, too. She lead the way from the van into the building, saw a very crowded hallway, stopped, and turned to me with outstretched arms while saying, "My legs are tired. Will you carry me?" Of course, I was happy to oblige! I scooped her up into my arms and carried her down the very crowded hallway with Josiah walking by our side. (I really think it was the chaos in the hallway that caused her hesitation, because once we were pasted all the people, she was ready to get down and walk into her classroom.) Here's a couple pictures I snapped before Josiah and I headed on out. (Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that she'll only be there from 9-2, two days a week. Seems to me that is enough to prep for Kindergarten routines, while still being able to enjoy having her at home as much as possible for this last year before full time school begins.) Mackenzie with her teacher, Mrs. Melinda.
Mackenzie sitting in her seat, smiling up at Mrs. Melinda. Mackenzie has talked about Mrs. Melinda being her teacher all summer long. I had no idea if Mrs. Melinda was actually going to be her teacher until last week. How exciting for Mackenzie to discover that indeed, she would have Mrs. Melinda for her teacher after all!
One day last week, while still in p.j.'s, Mackenzie said, "Hey, Mom, I fit in my new backpack!"
Funny kid. She really does fit in her backpack! (I forgot to get that classic picture of her with her princess lunch box and Hello Kitty backpack today, but I think the ones I did get will suffice.) :)
One more funny thing: As we unloaded from the van, Josiah excitedly volunteered, "Momma, I want to carry Mackenzie's suitcase!" His terminology in reference to her backpack just cracked me up. What a little gentleman. ;)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grands and Great Grands

We have been home from Arkansas for one week exactly, and I'm just now getting the blog all caught up! I will warn you: there are lots of pictures in this post. We basically spent one day with each set of Grandparents and one day with each set of Great-Grandparents. We even enjoyed some time with aunts and uncles. Hence all the pictures! Uncle Evan (my brother) & Aunt Mia with Mackenzie & Josiah.
Great Grannie & Papa New (my mom's parents) with Mackenzie & Josiah.
Nona & Mzee (Mom & Mark) with Mackenzie & Josiah.
Four Generations! (Mackenzie, Me, Nona, & Grannie New).
Four Generations! (Josiah, David, Z-pa, & Grandpa Watson).
Great-Grandma Watson with Mackenzie.
Uncle Zac having a tea party with Mackenzie!
Granna & Z-pa (David's parents) with Mackenzie & Josiah.
Great-Grannie Long (my dad's mom) with Mackenzie & Josiah blowing bubbles.
"Grandkid room" at my dad & Lisa's house! I was shocked! I had no idea they had put this room together...pretty neat.

Another angle on the Grandkid room.
Lili with Mackenzie at the Jump Zone! I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or Lili! :)
My dad, Evan (my brother), and me.
Mackenzie loved the water slides at the pool near "Popie's" (my dad) house. See the splash at the base of the red tunnel slide? That's my girl. David is treading water at the base of the slide while Mackenzie enjoys sliding...over, and over, and over, and over! :)

The four of us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday x 3!!!

Mackenzie, Abby, & Laura all turn 4 within 1 month of each other. David's parents agreed to host a Birthday Party in honor of all 3 girls at their house on July 27th. As you can see by the pics that follow, a fabulous time was had by all!!! All 6 kids piled together in the swing. (Grant & Laura Miller, Josiah & Mackenzie Watson, Jonathan & Abby Fischer)
Betty found the cutest cake for the party!!!
Mackenzie, Laura, & Abby admiring the cake!
The 3 Girls.
Jonathan joined the girls for a fun (and very creative!) game of fill the sacks with wool...or stuff the socks with cotton balls.
This is what Josiah was doing while the other kids filled their sacks with wool. :)
Then we went outside for a hysterical game of "milk the cow!"
I just love this picture of David's parents preparing the game. :)
Mackenzie milking the cow while Z-pa holds it steady.
This was my attempt to get all 3 girls together for a picture. How adorable of Laura & Abby! Note my child in the back pouting! She really had an "off" day, to say the least.

Look who woke up and joined the party! Josiah "gathering eggs."
Mackenzie pinning the tail on the donkey.
Playing in the playhouse. (It is complete with air conditioning and electricity. No, I'm not kidding. Granna & Z-pa did not over look anything when it came to that playhouse for the kids.)
Andy, Rebecca, Abby, & Jonathan
Jim, Sara, Laura, & Grant
Just had to include the family pics of our dear friends on our blog, as being together was a highlight of the day.
(Realize, one family lives in Texas, one in Arkansas, and one in Tennessee!)
A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Zearl & Betty for all the hard work they put into the planning and preparation of the Farm Birthday Party for the 3 girls. Who knows how late those two stayed up making all the fun and creative games for a very special day. They even fed us all a wonderful dinner, too! :) Thank you, Granna & Z-pa! We love you.