Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4H Animals

Last Saturday the local 4H held a fundraiser where you could go pet the animals and even get a picture made with them! This was our first year to go to this event, and it was fun! Mackenzie loved getting to see and pet the animals; Josiah was quite timid and only wanted to pet the animals that were in cages. So, as you scroll through these pictures, please realize that Josiah refused to be in some of them...that's why there are some extras of just Mackenzie...he just did not want to be that close to those animals! :) Mackenzie and Josiah peering in at the Momma Sheep with her Baby.
Mackenzie petting the goat.

Mackenzie petting the Aricotta (sp?) chick.

Mackenzie in the "photo" area with the lamb, rabbit, and two chicks.

She LOVED getting her picture made with all the animals! She was really happy with the way it turned out. I am, too! Too bad Josiah wouldn't get in a picture, too!

Here's one of both kids looking at the sheep.

Josiah reaching into the pen to pet the sheep.

Both kids enjoying the sheep.

School Craft, Egg Dying... & Destroying!

To back track to a couple of weeks ago...Mackenzie had a craft day at school. I put another Mom in charge of this one and she did an amazing job of creating an idea and gathering all the supplies for the kids! The kids made flower pots with tissue paper flowers in them. They even got to paint the pots! Obviously, this was a fun day at school for all of us involved! Mackenzie's finished flower pot.
Mackenzie and Alison painting their pots.

One day last week, I surprised Mackenzie after school. She had been begging to dye Easter eggs, but we didn't have a kit yet. So, Josiah and I went to the store and bought a kit while Mackenzie was at school. Josiah didn't remember (from last year) what Easter egg dying was all about, so he was excited to try it out, too.

Up close of Mackenzie.

Both kids dying their eggs. I had boiled one dozen for each child. They had so much fun! (I did, too!) :)

Hard at work with their eggs.

Josiah checking out his blue egg.

A happy boy with blue hands and lots of blue eggs!

Mackenzie (artsy little girl!) busy dying an egg half one color and half the other color!

Josiah proudly displaying as many blue eggs as his hands could possibly hold at one time!

Mackenzie with her finished product.

Josiah with his finished product.

Up close of Josiah's sweet little face peering down at his eggs.

Josiah, shortly after displaying his finished carton of eggs, discovered you can crack them! (Mackenzie was cracking hers and eating them. Josiah was cracking them for the fun of it!) He took this yellow egg and cracked it on the side of the garden box, then he threw it on the paving stones until the round yolk came out of the middle of the egg! (Yolk in his left hand; Egg white and shell in his right hand.) He was so proud of his cracked egg. Then, he proceeded to crack (ahem, destroy) eggs until I had to remove his carton lest they all get cracked (mutilated) in the yard!
We all had a fun time together, that's for sure. :) I hope to dye eggs with them one more time before Easter...we'll see. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Church Easter Egg Hunt & Unnailing

We enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt at our church yesterday. The kids were SO excited, and we all had a great time. The above picture is the best one I got of the two kids together.
Mackenzie holding up the green egg she found in the grass.

Josiah hunted eggs so fast that all my pictures are just blurs of him! So, here's one of him in his favorite climbing tree just outside the building.

Mackenzie proudly showing me her pink egg. (Isn't her dress adorable?! Granna got it for her, and it came with a matching dress for Bitty Baby, too! Thanks, Betty!)

Josiah enjoyed pilfering through his loot. :)
Last night, as I tucked Josiah into bed, he asked me, "Mom, can Dad unnail?" I told him that Dad can unnail. (I'm thinking he means to remove nails, like with the backside of the hammer.) Josiah did not miss a beat in saying, "Then I want Dad to unnail your side of the bed so you can move it in here and sleep with me!" Funny boy. I laughed out loud at his logic, as I have explained to him before that I sleep in the same bed with Daddy, not with him. Guess he figured if Daddy could "unnail" my side of the bed, we could just move it into Josiah's room! Ha. Sorry Kiddo. I love to cuddle with you as I tuck you into bed, but I'm not about to give up my current bed buddy. ;)
Seems like the kids have said some funny things lately, but that's the only one I am thinking of right now. SO...maybe there will be more funny stories coming later...if I remember the others! If not, at least I got one more recorded. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


This week was Zearl and Betty's Spring Break, so we were blessed to have David's parents here to visit! Since it was not our Spring Break, we mostly stayed around here and continued with our usual routines. Above is a picture of Granna reading to the kids.
We spent the day Saturday doing some extra special activities. First, Granna and Z-pa took the kids to eat at Cracker Barrel while David and I went to the gym. Then we all went to the Aquarium in Gatlinburg! Most of the pictures I have are from the Aquarium.

Here's Mackenzie near the entrance.

Josiah enjoying the interactive areas.

Josiah in front of the large ocean aquarium.

Josiah and Mackenzie watching the fish go by.

Mackenzie "in with" the sea horses! :)

Josiah "in with" the sea horses. :)
We had a wonderful time and a great week. Thanks, Granna and Z-Pa, for coming to visit!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dr. Seuss Day!

Today was Dr. Seuss day at school for both kiddos. That means they had super fun activities and got to dress up as any character from any Dr. Seuss book! Here's my Thing 1 and Thing 2!
A huge thank you to Mrs. Tina for making the kids shirts! Avery was Thing 1, so naturally, Mackenzie was Thing 2. They even made an extra shirt as Thing 1 so Josiah could have one, too. Whether Avery and Mackenzie were together, or whether Mackenzie and Josiah were together, we had a Thing 1 and Thing 2!! (In other words, there is no particular order to the 1 and 2.)
Thing 1

Thing 2
I absolutely could NOT get the two kids to stand still together for picture. The one of them jumping on the couch at the top is probably more appropriate for Thing 1 and Thing 2 than standing calmly and smiling anyways...right?! :)