Friday, May 30, 2008

Goats, Sheep, Rooster, RUN!

Mackenzie, Josiah, and I went to a farm today...and what a day it turned out to be! Upon arriving, the owners mentioned I might want to watch out for the rooster. He pecks. Alright. No biggy. I can handle a rooster. They explain he pecks at feet (oh, yes, mine were in flip-flops) and tugs on pant legs until he gets picked up. This rooster likes to be held and petted. Huh? A rooster that likes to be held? This is a new one for me, but okay. I'll hold the rooster. So, they describe how to pick it up and cradle it just right in order to make it happy. While they are explaining this, I'm thinking, "Are they really serious?" I listen, wondering if they're pulling a fast one on me, thank them, and the kids and I head down the gravel road a little ways towards the goat pen. No one can see us, except the goats, chickens, sheep, and rooster. We arrive at the pen. I carefully open the gate so as not to let any animals out. I'm pleased with our entry thus far. Until, "Ouch!" the rooster finds my bare foot. Yes, folks, they were serious about the rooster!!! I have the scabs on my toes to prove it, in spite of my speed to capture this crazy bird! Okay, now I have the rooster snuggled against me. I allow the kids to enter the pen behind me, assuming it is now safe for them to do so... And the baby goat was so very sweet! Mackenzie wanted her picture taken with it.
Same baby goat with Josiah. This baby goat, either Tracy or Megan (we aren't sure which was which) never left the kids' sides while we were in the pen!

Now...this baby sheep was a different story! It never left the kids' sides, either...but it was aggressive. Here's a picture of Mackenzie running from the sheep. I snapped it just before the sheep won. He butted Mackenzie enough to send her wobbling off balance. She recovered her balance just moments before he surprised her from behind. He came at her with enough force the second time that she flew like a little rag doll through the air and landed with a graceful "thud." Remember, I'm holding a crazy rooster, so now I'm trying to assist Mackenzie up, maintain control of the rooster, protect Josiah from the same fate, and fend off the aggressive sheep all at the same time! Whew. I'm now thinking the exit gate seems like a good idea and yet is about a mile away. Well, it couldn't have been more than 20 feet away; however, that seemed impossible to reach given the fact that my arms were occupied by the rooster and I needed to stay between the kids and the sheep. By the time it was all said and done, all 3 of us had been bumped to the ground by the sheep, yet all 3 of us were just fine.

This picture is just to prove that we survived! Actually, we all had fun. Mackenzie did not even cry after all that. Josiah, however, did cry when the sheep nudged him to the ground. He cried more of surprise than from actually being hurt, though, as he was barely nudged to the ground in comparison to the way Mackenzie hit the ground! A fun day at the farm, a free outing, and a crazy story to boot!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dental Day!

Mackenzie and I went to the dentist office today. I know this sounds crazy, but we both really enjoy getting our teeth cleaned! I have been going to this office every 6 months for the past 5 1/2 years...which is ever since we moved here to Knoxville. I took Mackenzie to see "Mrs. Scarlett" for the first time just after she turned 3 years old; Mackenzie loves Scarlett. This was Mackenzie's second routine cleaning, but she "gets" to go (per her own request!) with David or me whenever we go for our own check-ups, too! What would have made a funny picture is me laying in the chair with Mackenzie perched on my belly/chest as she peered intently into my mouth so as not to miss a thing while Scarlett cleaned my teeth today! Ha. Our secret for Mackenzie's love of "the dentist"...SCARLETT!!! We all love her. She is an excellent dental hygienist, fabulous with people, and becoming a wonderful friend, too! :) I just love this picture of Mackenzie with Scarlett.
Just capturing the action...for the blog, of course!
Mackenzie likes the raspberry toothpaste so much that she insisted I use it today, too! I did. It was good! No more regular mint for me. Ha, ha.
I'm not sure you can tell...but Mackenzie is smiling up at Scarlett with a look of admiration and love in this picture. So precious. Can you believe how little Mackenzie looks in that big chair? Yet she is so big in so many ways these days. I am amazed at Scarlett's ability to scrape (sorry, don't know the technical term!), brush, and even floss Mackenzie's teeth while receiving Mackenzie's full cooperation! Scarlett is excellent with pediatrics...and she is not even working in a pediatric office...but we sure are glad she is "ours." :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Josiah is 2!

May 24, 2008
My Precious Little Josiah. You are 2 years old today. We enjoyed a fun celebration at Victor Ashe Park this morning with our friends. Your Thomas the Train Cupcake Cake was a hit!

It's a party! Your friends, Caleb Horn (almost 16 months), Laura Miller (3 1/2 years), and your sister, Mackenzie (3 1/2 years) celebrated with you. Also, their families, your family, Granna & Z-Pa, and Nona & Mzee were here for your party.

Sweet, innocent little face.

Two Years Ago....

We welcomed you, Josiah Zearl Watson, into our family.

You arrived at 7:58am.

Weighing 7 lb 5 oz.

20 inches long

Here's a laugh...I uploaded the SAME picture twice. HA. :)

You are one day old and being held by two very proud parents!

(We do have some pictures with Mackenzie welcoming you, too, but seems I did not get any of those uploaded.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Sun Sets on Our Trip!

This is officially the last post about our Nuevo Vallarta trip! Whew. I got a nice tip from Nikki about how to upload pictures into a slide show format and link it to blogger. Thanks, Nikki!!! I'll be using that method next time I want to upload so many pictures. Ha. In the is the conclusion to our week-long trip to Mexico. Enjoy!

(Warning: A lot of pics ahead!)
For those of you who have stuck with me through this week-long update process, I'm impressed and thanks! For those of you who are over hearing about our trip, please visit this blog again soon and I'll have some other random post for you! :) Seriously, my main reason for posting so many pics is my family. We are the only ones living here in Tennessee and I've enjoyed being able to share these pictures, and therefore "the trip," with our relatives. The Sierra Madre Mountain Range out our plane window on the trip home last Saturday.
Puerto Vallarta out our plane window on our way home.
The four of us at sunset.
Yes, we had to wake Josiah up to snap these pictures! It was our last chance to snap those sunset pictures all we got some...even at the sacrifice of waking our sleeping child who had actually fallen asleep in the stroller at dinner that night. Poor little thing. :)
David and the kids at sunset.

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport!

David and Mackenzie at sunset.
Too sweet!
Mackenzie and me.
The four of us.

Sweet little boy in his pajamas at sunset!

I love sunsets! Though I uploaded this last set of pictures in a pretty random order...that concludes our trip! Good night, Everyone!


David and the kids building sand castles!
Really, David was building the sand castle and the kids were filling and emptying buckets!
Note the sea horse David made with the sand mold. Josiah liked it!
Mackenzie filling her bucket with sand.
While they had fun in the sand, this was definitely not their favorite activity. We spent very little time on the beach and lots of time in the pool areas! It was windy, so I think a part of what the kids did not like was the sand blowing into their faces. Can't blame them there.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Swimming Pools!

Mackenzie and Josiah loved the swimming pools, especially the ones that are quite shallow. They had the freedom to stand up and walk around in the water, with us by their sides, of course!
Mackenzie walking in the pool.
I thought this one was particularly sweet of David and the two kids.
This one deserves a caption!!! Hmmm...let's make some up. David's would be, "Are you done taking pictures yet?" Mackenzie's would be, "This sun is too bright." Josiah's would be, "I'm still smiling for the picture, but would somebody please rescue me?!?!" or perhaps, "Mom, I'm still smiling, but would you stop taking pictures long enough to get my head above water?" Ha, ha, ha. He would actually go under on purpose. Crazy boy. The only problem with that is he would not hold his breath! He would be pulled up coughing and sputtering, only to laugh and try it all over again. Now this, I just do not get. Why, after repeating the process over and over, did he continue to try going under without holding his breath? This just makes no sense to me! He really does love the water. And we really did stay RIGHT by his side the whole time!!!
This is the picture I snapped right after we pulled him back up. Obviously, all is well with the world. :)
Mackenzie and her ring in the private pool on our balcony.
Mackenzie and her ring in the main pool. Both kids really liked their inflatable toys.
Josiah sitting in the shallow pool. (And some other little girl in the background!)

Mackenzie, Josiah, and David's toes!