Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

I stayed up late the night before her birthday baking and icing sugar cookies for her class at school. What I did not realize is that she wanted half a cookie iced in one color and the other half of the cookie iced in another color. I used the four colors she choose, but did not ice them "the right way." After staying up late to finish these, Mackenzie took one look at them on the morning of her birthday and burst into tears. Nice. All that work and no thanks. Not just no thanks, but tears of disappointment just before school! She went on to say, "Mom, all my grandparents always listen to me, but you and Dad never listen to me!" Great. What an attitude. What a start to the day. Ha. Good news. Being a school day, I just took her right on to school and placed her into Mrs. Hatmaker's care for the day! :) Somehow, that seemed like an idea that was in everyone's best interest. In her defense, she had been up past bedtime THREE nights in a row. She was exhausted. That certainly does not excuse her attitude issue, but it does help explain it. Never-the-less, I took my little birthday girl to school. She smiled and waved happily as she headed in for the day. After our morning episode, I had already informed her that I told Mrs. Hatmaker I would bring cookies for her class, so I would. I also informed her, however, that she did not have to eat any of them! I would be happy to give them to her friends. I am pleased to announce that by the time I arrived with the cookies that afternoon, she came running to the door to hug me and could not wait to hand the cookies out to her friends!!! Total attitude change. I was delighted to see that, as it could have been a long afternoon otherwise. I was happy to have my precious, sweet, baby girl back!
Here's my attempt at a teddy bear cake. Yeah, you can go ahead and laugh. It's pretty funny, I know. I did make it to her specifications, though. Light brown bear with blue eyes and pink in the middle of the ears. Okay. It was interesting. I had planned to buy a cupcake cake for her, but her face dropped a mile when I told her that. She really wanted me to make it for her, so I did. The cupcakes were easy to serve as you just pull them apart!

Here's Mackenzie in front of her class as they are singing Happy Birthday to her. I wish I had gotten a picture of her whole class. Good group of kids. Sweet girl enjoyed all the extra attention that being in school on your birthday gets you! They sang to her in Spanish class, she got birthday cards, and she even got a treasure box item. What a day! She told me everyone called her "Hey Birthday Girl," through the day at school. She obviously loved it.

We went straight from school to Build-A-Bear Workshop for her party. What a party it was! She had invited 18 kids (that includes her and Josiah), some from our Heart-to-Heart Bible study group and some from school. Here you see, from left to right: Madison A., Mackenzie, Lauren, Madison D., Savannah, Audrianna, Avery.
Here's the party group all circled up singing and dancing.

Here's Mackenzie using the pedal to control the stuffing for her pink bear!

Funny that Josiah ended up getting to go next! That was decided on by a game they were playing. Some of the kids had to wait a long time to stuff their animal, but they were all so very patient! Good group of kids.

Here's Josiah controlling the pedal to stuff his bear.

The whole group all circled up playing the game to see who would get to go next.

After all the animals were stuffed, each child got to make a birth certificate for his or her new animal. Thanks to all the parents who helped with this!

Here's the whole group! Generally speaking, from left to right: Back Row: Taylor, Dylan, Will, Mackenzie, Lauren, Madison D., Avery, Savannah, Audrianna. Front Row: Sam, Caleb, Madison A., Clara, Coy, Allison, Josiah, Holly

And Ava joined the group for this picture! She's in the front holding the gray cat. That makes all 18 kids.

Then we headed to the food court for cupcakes and juice.

Mackenzie with her cake. Thanks to Amy T. for grabbing my camera and snapping these for me!

Mackenzie blowing the candles out. (Madison D. and Dylan)

Opening presents. Thanks, everyone! She really got some neat things.
Madison D., Dylan, and Mackenzie

Here's a pic of my sweet 6 year old birthday girl and me at the end of the day.
On our way home from the mall, she said, "Momma, the best gift you and daddy could give me for my birthday is my party." She truly loved and APPRECIATED her big birthday party. I am thankful her attitude improved so much by the end of the day. She is a sweetie, but she is not a morning person...neither am I!
Mackenzie, I love you. I am so thankful that God sent you to join our family six years ago. You are my favorite little girl in the whole wide world. I am proud of you, and I enjoy each day with you. May God bless you each day of your life as you strive to serve Him with the gifts and abilities that He has given you. I love you, Mackenzie!!! Happy Birthday, Precious Girl.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Josiah's Turn Now!

The day has finally arrived when Josiah got to play soccer! He has longed for this day ever since Mackenzie gave soccer a try about a year ago. He was so excited that he got himself dressed and ready. That's impressive. I can count on one hand the total number of times the child has ever dressed himself. He really has no such desires typically, but this day was different. It was special. It was his turn! Sitting on the stairs attempting to get the soccer socks on! He did a great job of getting dressed.
...and the socks got on, too....with a little help from Daddy! :)

My little soccer player! What a cutie. :)

All decked out in his soccer attire, ready to play!

He's number 9. That's random.

He intends to be #1. He, he. He has been telling us all about how we're going to be so excited because he's going to kick the ball into the goal. Well, whether he scores or not, I'm a proud Momma! :)

The above picture is of the whole team. Josiah is on the far left. The main coach is in the bright orange shirt in the middle.

Zoomed in on Josiah and some teammates. Josiah was listening intently to the directions the coach was giving him. He did a great job of playing by the rules! Most of the kids really struggled to keep their hands off the ball. Josiah never once touched it with his hands at an inappropriate time. He really listened and followed the rules quite well!

My little man.

Sister on the side lines. After the practice and game were finished tonight, as the team ran through the tunnel made by the hands and arms of the parents, Josiah stopped when he got to Mackenzie (she was part of the tunnel), gave her a hug, and continued onward through the tunnel of arms. The other parents oohed and aahed. I loved it! It was sweet.

Smiling for the camera while taking a water break!

Nice kick, Josiah! :) He's a fast little guy. He did a good job keeping up with the ball and whomever else was chasing it, too.

I love the profiles of both my boys. ;) It was fun watching David out there with Josiah's team. I am proud of how well Josiah did, and I am glad that he is finally getting his turn, too.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Josiah's First Day

Today was Josiah's first day in the 4 year old Mother's Day Out program. He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He's in the same program he was in last year, except this year he's in the 4 year old class and last year he was in the 3 year old class! He loves school, and I am so thankful that Mrs. Missi set such a wonderful tone for his educational career last year. I am pleased to announce that he has a wonderful teacher for this year, too! Her name is Mrs. Wendi. The above picture is of Josiah on his way to school today. He keeps us laughing, as I'm sure you can tell from the picture. ;)
He insisted on wearing his backpack in from the van. We got him a new backpack, but it sure is huge on his little self! I think he's pretty cute with it on.

Here he is, my handsome little man, ready to go inside. He saw the other children stopping to take a picture here, and he asked me, "Is that how we sign in on our first day?" To which I replied an adamant, "Yes," in order to have his full cooperation for the picture!!!

I love this picture of my little man walking into his classroom. He was so excited!

He found his cubby and hung his backpack up all by himself! He was a proud little fellow. I think he had been waiting for his first day back to school eagerly since Mackenzie started back already, too. He was ready for his time in the spot light! He was also ready for his routine.

Josiah with Mrs. Wendi. He had trouble keeping his eyes open as I snapped the picture. He said the flash was too his eyes are partially open in the pic! The first thing he asked Mrs. Wendi today was, "Do we get to play outside today?" He was already looking forward to recess! Good news, he did get to play outside. He even told me that he got to play with sidewalk chalk. He said he has a new friend named Logan, and he has 3 friends from last year's class in with him this year, too. His class has 7 kids total right now. I like that...he'll get lots of one-on-one time!!! He had a great day, and I am so thankful. I love my little man, and I am so proud of him.
I pray for a wonderfully blessed school year for him. I pray that he will grow to love the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength each and every day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of First Grade!

This first picture is totally out of order, but for some reason it did not upload with the others...and it is the best one of Mackenzie and Mrs. I had to include it!!!
We are so incredibly thankful, again this year, to have a fantastic teacher!!! Mrs. Hatmaker is definitely an answer to prayers. What a blessing!!!!
It sure was hard to wake Mackenzie up for school today, but once she was awake and dressed, she was a happy camper and ready to begin first grade! We had a pleasant ride to school and made it on time.

We had to stop and take a picture in front of the school entrance and sign...which for security reasons, I erased from the picture! Anyways. That's my two kiddos. Sweet smiling Mackenzie, and Crazy Funny Josiah. I wouldn't want either of them any other way. I am so thankful for both of them and their unique personalities!

One more picture in front of the school on our way in today. Josiah is holding up his new R2-14 case you were wondering!

I just thought they were so sweet walking down the hallway toward Mackenzie's classroom.

There she goes...into Mrs. Hatmaker's First Grade Classroom! First door on the right. ;)

Sweet girl, ready to start the new school year.

Here's the last picture I snapped before heading out of the classroom...Mrs. Hatmaker, Mackenzie, and Josiah, too. :)
Again, I am so thankful for Mackenzie's teacher this year. She had a wonderful Kindergarten teacher and I'm so happy to say that she has a wonderful First Grade teacher, too! We look forward to a wonderful year. I'm thankful we are back into routine. It was time! Josiah begins his Tuesday/Thursday Mother's Day Out "School" this Thursday. So...more pics to come about his first day, too! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Mackenzie

I cannot believe my baby girl will be 6 years old next week. I cannot believe she is starting first grade tomorrow morning! Where, oh where, has the time gone?! I am so proud of her. She is a classic firstborn with the perfectionistic tendencies that go with it. She is very independent, but she still loves her cuddle time. I treasure those moments when she still lets me carry her around, or sit and hold her while we visit or read together. I do not want her to outgrow cuddle time! Today, we went for her well child check up. She weighs 46.5 lbs (60%) and is 46.1 inches tall (70%). Her hematocrit and hemoglobin were 12.1 and 36.6...all within normal limits. She had a wonderful check up, and I am incredibly thankful for the health that the Lord has blessed us with these days.
Here's a story about mealtimes that occurred tonight, during mealtime.
As we were sitting around the dinner table tonight, Mackenzie asked, "Which is more special, lunch or supper?" To which, David and I answered that either one could be special. Sometimes one is more special one day or the other another day. We decided it was most special to us to all be together during the meal, no matter which one it may be...Then Mackenzie piped up, "Mom, I think lunch is the most special because of you. Actually, you make them all special." I asked what she meant, and she elaborated, "Well, Mom, everything you make is wonderful. It is like eating at a restaurant all the time, so it is because of you that lunch and supper are so special." WOW! I am humbled to know that my cooking (which is NOT gourmet...ha, ha...) means so much to Mackenzie. Just makes me want to cook up a storm! ;)
If you're wondering what we were eating during this conversation, it was chicken cooked in the crock pot, fresh cantaloupe, and baby carrots cooked in butter sauce. Um, that's it. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Made my day to be so appreciated by Mackenzie! :)
A couple other funny things that Mackenzie says that I want recorded so I won't forget:
Pliano instead of Piano
Knight in Shining Army (referring to Josiah) instead of Knight in Shining Armor
And she's already outgrown saying Awkensaw instead of Arkansas.
Mackenzie, as you begin another year of your life, and another grade in school, I pray for God's continued blessings and guidance in your life. I pray that He will always hold you close to Him. I pray that you will serve Him with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind each day of your life. And when you mess up, I pray that you will turn to Him, know that He forgives you, and live each day to the best of your abilities. Always remember we serve a God without limits. He is truly awesome, and He will take care of you! Thank you for being my precious baby girl. You will always be my precious baby girl, no matter how old you get. I will love you, always and forever.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last Week...

...was extremely busy and wonderful! We were able to see tons of relatives during our 10 day trip. First stop was Great Granny Long's house! I think these pictures of my Granny Long with Mackenzie and Josiah turned out great.
Next stop was Great Grannie and Papa New's house!

These pictures of my Grannie and Papa New with the kids turned out great, too!

We also spent some time with my brother and his wife. Below is a picture of "Uncle Evan and Aunt Mia" with the kids.
Next picture is of my mom and stepdad, Nona and Mzee, with the kids.

We headed to their house and the kids obviously enjoyed their time doing things like making homemade play dough and being pulled on a blanket on the hard wood floors! We also enjoyed going to a pizza and game place. David and I enjoyed some date nights shopping and going to a movie while my mom and Mark had the kids! Thanks!!!

Nona and Mackenzie making play dough.

Josiah and Ollie (stuffed river otter), living the high life...

...being pulled by Nona on the blanket!

Nona and the kids enjoying sunset in their neighborhood.

Classic Josiah picture!

The four of us enjoying the sunset.

We took an evening walk in the heat! Fun times.

Sweaty times. The kids got tired on the way back to Nona and Mzee's David gave them shoulder rides!

Mackenzie getting a lift back toward Nona and Mzee's house.

Then we headed to David's parent's house for a visit with Granna and Z-Pa! The kids just could not wait to get "Daddy's old toys" out to play with...they loved it!

Josiah and Mackenzie totally enjoying David's (and Uncle Zac's) legos at Granna and Z-Pa's house! Pretty cool that they kept all those toys for all those years. ;) David enjoyed playing with them, too!

While visiting David's parents, we were able to go see Great Grandma Watson at the nursing home. Extremely nice nursing home. She seems very happy and well adjusted.

David, Josiah, Mackenzie, David's Grandma Watson

Granna and Z-Pa with Mackenzie and Josiah!

Mackenzie is not six for a couple more weeks, but while we were with Granna and Z-Pa, they threw her an early party! She even got to decorate the cake. She loved it!

I love this picture of David's mom with Mackenzie. Fun times!

Then we headed to my dad's and stepmom's house next. We all had a blast going fishing and hanging out at their pool! So, thanks to Papa and Lili for the new fishing poles for the kids.

Of course, they had to try them out right away. So, my dad let them practice casting at the pool!

Mackenzie fishing at Poppie and Lili's pool.

Then, we all loaded up and Poppie and Lili actually took the kids to a pond to really fish for the first time ever.

Those were some excited kids!

My dad and Josiah.

Lili and Mackenzie.

After fishing, we went swimming to cool down from the heat!

Two kids in the pool.

Mackenzie doing a cannon ball off the diving board! She is a fish.

Josiah jumping off the diving board...and over the volleyball net...and swimming on his own! No floaties! We did have to be really close by to help him once he got near the wall. :)

David and me...enjoying some time together. :)

Me, Mackenzie, Josiah, Poppie (my dad), and David. Poppie and Lili had cool rafts and stuff for the pool!
A wonderful week. Wonderful family. We are thankful for everyone!
Congratulations to those of you who made it to the end of that extremely long post! Ha.