Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Josiah's 5th Birthday!

What a week! It has been a great one, full of milestones at our house. You'll see from the previous posts that Mackenzie lost her first tooth this week. Well, Josiah has completed "preschool" and turned five years old, all in one week! I no longer have preschoolers at my house. I have elementary aged children! Crazy. Life is good and I am thankful. This post will recap some of our week.Josiah and "Kwali," his new Webkinz, on his last day of preschool.
Josiah receiving his certificate of completion from Mrs. Wendi, his teacher. He had his last day of preschool (MDO program Tues/Thurs) on Tuesday, May 17th. When his name was called to go up to Mrs. Wendi to get his certificate, he gave her such an enthusiastic hug that he literally knocked her over! Very funny. I love how freely she returns his hugs. She has been a wonderful teacher and such a huge blessing! We love her!!

Here is the whole class on the last day of preschool! From left to right: Sydney, Brooke, Ava, Josiah, Lexi, Callie, and Logan.

For his birthday party, Saturday, May 21st, Josiah wanted a "play date with friends and a pizza party." So, going off of his request, we invited "boys only," also per his request, for a play date and pizza party at our house. Shortly after mailing out the invitations to the boys from the 4 year old classes at school, Josiah decided he would like to invite Lexi, too, even though she is a girl. :) I talked to Austin and Lexi's mom. I am thankful she was able to come.

Here's Josiah and Logan eating Sam's Club Pizza with the Star Wars Cupcakes nearby.

David did a GREAT job of ordering the Star Wars cupcakes from Sam's Club for the party. When given the option of me making the cupcakes or just buying them, Josiah choose store bought ones. Sure was easy for me!

Uncle Zac was here to celebrate with us, too. We are SO thankful for all his help!!!! He just jumps right in and helps out in so many ways. We really appreciate his visit.

He lit the candles on Josiah's cupcake. Notice the Birthday Jedi Knight ribbon on Josiah? He spotted that at Target when we were buying the plates and napkins. He picked it out himself and was eager to wear it! I thought that was pretty cute. Surprised me!

Birthday Boy blowing out his candles!

Enjoying his cupcake.

Josiah, Lexi, Logan, and Mackenzie gathered around while Josiah opened presents. Uncle Zac is on the couch in the background.

Josiah has really enjoyed all his gifts this year!

Krista, Logan's mom, offered to take a picture of the four of us together. So, here we are. ;)
And, YES, I can still hold my babies. I love those cuddles from them both.

Josiah and Mackenzie with Uncle Zac. We have all enjoyed having him here!

Yesterday, Josiah got lots of packages in the mail! Above is a Star Wars Lego set from Poppie and Lili.

Another package....this one is from Granna and Z-pa...and notice the plastic snake from an earlier package! Ha, ha. Thanks a lot, Dad!

Opening new DS games from Granna and Z-Pa. He played them right away. Gotta love those EYES! Isn't he a cutie?!

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean DS game.

Cool packaging that pops from Mzee.

Boy squinkies from Mzee. Josiah was proud of those boy squinkies. Just like his sister's set, except these are made for a boy!

Earlier in the month/week, Josiah received cards and/or packages from everyone. I, however, neglected to grab my camera for each of the incoming packages. My sincerest apologies to those of you reading this blog who sent packages and aren't getting to see the pictures of his total enjoyment of the said package. Thank you all. He really has loved EVERYTHING! I just happened to have the camera handy and at the ready yesterday.

On another note, Mackenzie's last day of 1st grade was today! Her class party was also a surprise 40th Birthday party for her teacher, Mrs. Hatmaker. Josiah opted to stay home with Uncle Zac while I attended Mackenzie's class party. Fun times. Neat memories. Mackenzie received an award for the highest Grade Point Average in Phonics, Reading, and Handwriting! She received the top award in 3 out of 5 subjects. The Math award went to Raley and the Bible award went to a couple of kids that tied. I was so proud of her! And, thanks, Zac, for helping out with Josiah today.

Above picture, from left to right: Mackenzie, Savannah, Reagan, Kendall, and Alyssa.

As soon as David got home from work today, Josiah got to open his birthday presents from us.
Thanks for the wrapping paper, Zac!

Zac with Mackenzie and Josiah. He is one loved Uncle.

After Zac headed home this afternoon, we got a call from Geri and Trifon, our Bulgarian neighbors. They invited us over to their house so that Josiah could open a present from them. What fun! We were out the door in no time. Josiah got a Guess Who Star Wars game from them. We've already played it! I'd say he's had a HUGE birthday. He certainly has a lot of people to love him.

I just can't believe he is FIVE already! I am so proud of both of my kiddos. Josiah is so loving and hands out kisses and hugs freely. His manners have been those of a true gentleman as of late. He has a tender heart and is in tune with the emotions of those around him. He shares readily with others. He loves his legos, Star Wars, and pirates. He enjoys computer games, DS games, Wii games. He loves to cuddle and he loves being very active, too! He is 42 lbs and 44.125 inches. He is boy, through and through. He loves to catch worms and caterpillars. He is reading and surprises us with the signs he reads as we drive along the road. Mrs. Wendi reports that he was always ready with the answers in school. She says he at the top of his class with his reading skills. He has learned a lot of his addition and some subtraction, too. I am amazed at the questions he asks and how much he is learning at such an early age! We love to hear the funny things he has to say. He does keep us all laughing! He is a joy. We are truly thankful that God blessed our family with his arrival five years ago! What a delightful little boy! We love you, Josiah.We are so proud of you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mackenzie's Tooth-Pictures

Last night I posted the video of Bill pulling Mackenzie's first tooth. Today I am posting the pictures. Below is the tooth that Bill pulled in my hand right after he got it out. Mackenzie opens her mouth to show off the gap!

Bill did a great job of taking these pictures for us!

Notice how far back the permanent tooth is in her mouth? That would be why her baby tooth was not getting any looser.

Mackenzie holding pressure to stop the bleeding. (And, smiling with delight and pride!)

I do hope the other ones come in under the baby teeth and push them out in the process. Otherwise, we might need Bill's assistance again in the future. ;)

Holding the paper towel in her mouth for pressure.

When we got home last night, Mackenzie wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. She found the little pillow I made for her over a year ago. She placed the tooth in the pocket of the pillow, on top of the letter, under her pillow.

Here she is in her room holding up the letter and pillow for the picture.

I zoomed in so you can read her letter.

Proudly pointing to the gap in her mouth.

Holding up her tooth and smiling to show the gap left in her mouth. I love this picture! What a milestone.

Her dainty hands placing the tooth into the pocket of the pillow.

Now she's ready for a visit from the tooth fairy! As I tucked her into bed at 9:00 pm last night, she excitedly began to tell me all about the tooth fairy. She told me what the tooth fairy did for her friends. She wondered aloud what the tooth fairy would do for her. She was overflowing with excitement. I wasn't sure if she would be able to sleep! She did eventually fall asleep. I also had NO idea just how much the tooth fairy does for that first tooth these days! Who knew?! Not me. What a surprise. David and Uncle Zac made a trip to Wal-Mart after the kids went to sleep last night. ;)

Sure enough, just like Mackenzie said, the tooth fairy DID leave sparkles on the bedroom floor! And big shiny stars, too.

In the middle of the decoration was a letter from the tooth fairy for Mackenzie, along with the keepsake box that Mackenzie has had since birth. It was a gift at a baby shower before she was born. She has always dreamed of placing her first lost tooth in that special box. Turns out that the tooth fairy even did that part for her, too!

Here's the letter from the tooth fairy. Mackenzie woke me up at 1:22 am to tell me that the tooth fairy had already come to her room. She was bubbling over with excitement. She said she found a dollar bill and a quarter in the pocket of the pillow, but her tooth was gone. I suggested we go to her room to check it out. So, at 1:25 am, she and I went to her room to investigate. We found the sparkles on the floor, the shiny stars, the letter, and even the box with her tooth in it! And, with the closet light turned on so that we could see, we noticed that the tooth fairy actually left a $5.00 bill and a Fifty Cent piece as a keepsake! (Rather that a dollar and a quarter like Mackenzie first thought in the dark.)

We had one very happy little girl at our house this morning. She showed her brother and her Uncle Zac, too. Her daddy got up in the middle of the night to go admire it with her, too. Today, I'm confident that she is enjoying showing all of her friends at school! Fun times. Huge milestone. Congratulations to my little princess.

Josiah cracked me up today, too. He is already wondering if he'll get sparkles on his floor or maybe even his bed when he loses his first tooth!

You'll have to watch the video from yesterday's post to see the tooth actually being pulled. Perhaps tomorrow I will get Josiah's birthday post done! Hard to believe he will be five years old tomorrow.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video of Mackenzie's Tooth!

It finally happened! After being loose since early March, Mackenzie lost her first tooth. The permanent tooth came in behind the baby tooth, so the baby tooth was loose but not getting any looser. It was definitely time for the baby tooth to be out, but try though I might, I was unable to pull it! After seeing the video of our good friend, Bill, pulling his daughter's tooth, I made a plan. ;)

At our Bible study group tonight, I asked Bill if he would mind pulling Mackenzie's tooth. I asked Mackenzie if she wanted Bill to pull her tooth. Next thing we knew, Bill had Mackenzie's tooth out on the second quick attempt! Mackenzie was SO incredibly proud. I am so thankful to have it out. David is thankful to have it out, too. He says he doesn't "do teeth."

Mackenzie is delighted. She has enjoyed showing everyone her tooth, the gap in her mouth, and retelling the story of Mr. Bill pulling her tooth. The funniest part of her telling the story is when she mentions that Mr. Bill saved us a lot of money because now we don't have to go pay the dentist to have it pulled. LOL. I guess she heard us talking about that, but I never expected it to be a part of her telling the story. So funny.

I have to say, too, that Mackenzie was incredibly brave. She has wanted to attain the "status" that goes along with losing a tooth for several months now. How cool that she can now show off her new gap tomorrow at school, just before the end of first grade! She has only 2 days of school left for this year. Nice timing to get to show her teacher and her friends. Had this event happened in early March when we first discovered the tooth to be loose, I would have cried as it is such a huge milestone. My baby girl is growing up! However, after almost 3 months of being loose and not coming out even though we tried to pull it, I am truly thrilled right along with Mackenzie!

Thanks to Bill and Cindy allowing us to use their camera at their house tonight, we have the above video! I so appreciate their willingness to be a part of Mackenzie's huge milestone! How fun that we were able share the big event with so many good friends. Uncle Zac is here visiting, too, so that is special, as well.

Cindy loaned us the book, Silverlicious. It is a cute book and perfect for tonight! We read it together, Mackenzie and I. Then, as I tucked her into bed, she excitedly told all about the tooth fairy's upcoming visit to our house tonight. Needless to say, we are all excited!

I have some really good pictures of Mackenzie at Bill and Cindy's house right after the tooth was pulled, and I have some cute ones of Mackenzie preparing her pillow and letter for the tooth fairy. I hope to get those uploaded and posted tomorrow. For tonight, I am tired. The video will have to suffice! Enjoy. :)