Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Week

We had a wonderful last week, and here are three pictures for you. Above is our annual picture with Santa Claus at Fantasy of Trees. I think it turned out pretty cute. :) Both kids talked to Santa, and Josiah even hugged him at the end of the photo shoot. So super sweet.
Josiah's half birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year. He is officially 5 1/2 years old. Granna and Z-pa bought him a turkey cake to celebrate. He told me today that his favorite part of Thanksgiving week was celebrating his half birthday.

To complete our week, last night Mackenzie's other top front tooth was so loose that I insisted on pulling it. On the third try, I got it! Here is her new smile. I believe she is adorable in this phase. She says she is embarrassed to be missing those two top front teeth. After assuring her that she is beautiful, both inside and out, I tucked her into bed. The tooth fairy came while she was sleeping. All is well in our world that seems so full of fun milestones these days!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving School Parties

It's official. The kids are out of school for Thanksgiving break! Yippeee! :)I joined Mackenzie's class for their party this afternoon. Mackenzie did a great job of quoting her memorized lines for the Thanksgiving program that her class did in the room. I am proud of how well she did! Above is Shaun and Mackenzie.
Her class decorated giant sugar cookies for the party activity.

Mackenzie, Savannah, and Hollie

Part of Josiah's class. His class all had t-shirts with a turkey made from the child's hand print on it. Super cute. They were out of dress code and in turkey shirts with pajama bottoms and slippers today!

Most of the boys in Josiah's class are in the picture. I love how excited they are, though I have no idea just what happened to cause such happy faces! Made for a great picture, though.

Mackenzie and Josiah, ready to head home for the holiday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Classroom Crafts

I am so incredibly thankful for my job that allows me the flexibility to work and still be present for my children's classroom activities. I had the opportunity to do a craft with Josiah's class last Friday. One of the things we made was a Christmas door hanger. Kids had fun. I did, too! Above is Josiah, Tucker, Isaac, and Riley.
Josiah busy painting his ornament craft. (Yes, we did Christmas crafts before Thanksgiving because the stores were sold out of Thanksgiving crafts, lol!)

Rylan, Josiah, and me.

Rylan and Josiah. Definitely buddies!

Today, I had the opportunity to join Mackenzie's class in making a Ginger Bread house for the Fantasy of Trees, a fund raiser for Children's Hospital. Above: Sophia, Emma, McKenna, and Mackenzie.

Mackenzie, McKenna, and Emma

Caleb and Mackenzie mixing icing for the gingerbread house.

Mackenzie and Savannah taking a turn at decorating.

Mackenzie and me with the finished ginger bread house!

The kids tried to make a cross out of skittles on the roof on this side.

This side of the roof has a Christian fish on it, and "Baby Jesus" (i.e., Ginger Bread Man) is in the Manger at the front door!

I think the kids did a great job. We all had fun. I think the best part was watching the kids enjoy some of the left over candies! I loved getting to be with the kids for these fun activities at school.