Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Josiah's First Lost Tooth!

It appears that I have not blogged in quite a long time. Life seems to be whirling on faster than ever, and I have not found much spare time to blog. This post, however, must be completed! Josiah lost his first tooth today! His tooth is tiny!
It was his bottom front middle left tooth.

Josiah discovered that his tooth was loose this past week. Less than a week later, it is out! He wiggled and wiggled. I pulled on three different attempts. The third attempt pulled the tooth right out as the first two loosened it. I am not sure who was most proud...Josiah or Mackenzie! She was super excited for her baby brother.

It's gone! :)

Thanks to our neighbor, Geri, for stepping in and helping me make Josiah's tooth fairy pillow. My sewing machine thread and fabric got caught and jammed as I began sewing tonight. I did not have time to fix it right then, and I am thankful that Geri could help finish the pillow for Josiah. He is excited. Should be fun to see what the tooth fairy brings tonight! More pictures to come, I'm sure.

Josiah's class was in charge of chapel earlier this month. Each child memorized a set of lines, created a poster to illustrate the lines, and stood up in front of the whole chapel crowd to say the lines. They did GREAT!! (Josiah is at the middle microphone in the above picture.)

Josiah practicing at the microphone just before chapel began.

I will try to do a better job of blogging. Since my last post, we had a wonderfully blessed Christmas, a great start to the new year, and who knows what all else happen. For now, at least I got a few things recorded!

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