Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

Last night, after enjoying his supper since he no longer had to worry about his loose tooth hurting with each bite, Josiah was eager to place his tooth in the tooth fairy pillow. So, please excuse the extra food on his clothing and face! He's still cute, even with the extra food, lol! :)
My two proud kiddos, showing off their pillows. Mackenzie wanted to join in the fun, even though there was no tooth to place in her pillow last night. ;)

He's clean! Josiah's holding that tiny tooth after bath time last night.

Inspecting his tooth.

Placing his tooth into the pillow that Geri made for us.

He's ready!

And this is what he found when he woke up this morning! A celebration on the floor from the tooth fairy with a note, too!

Here is the letter.

A proud boy, with his excited sister celebrating with him! (He said the camera flash was bright so early in the morning!)

So he was squinting! The tooth fairy left him a $5.00 bill and a Fifty Cent piece as a special keepsake. She also left his tooth for him to keep, too. I need to find a keepsake box for him to store it in sometime soon.

A fun morning, for sure!


Cindy said...

Congrats to Josiah! Big news! I'm starting to wonder if Sam's teeth will ever start to fall out! His bottom ones are wiggly, but they have been for a while and are not making much progress. Guess time will tell!

Incidentally...I really like your bedspread! Did you get it at JCP? I had looked at one there for a long time...considered getting it for Sam's bed, which doubles as our guest bed when needed. He was not enthused, however, so I kept looking. But if it had been totally up to me, I would've gone with it! :)


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